life_happens_bookLife Happens is a 30 day devotional that is designed to provide hope, practical strategies and encouragement to the reader. In Life Happens I bear witness of how I have triumphed in the face of unpredictable, and challenging events, as I placed my trust in the Lord and stood firm on His Word.

It is not a matter of if, but when life will happen to each of us; and, Life Happens provides the tools necessary to stand strong in the face of life’s challenges, and to do so triumphantly.

Life Happens will also encourage the reader to develop a deeper relationship with the Lord and to place all of their trust in Him, regardless of what they encounter.


jacques_web2jacques_textis an anointed Licensed Evangelist Missionary, author and profound speaker who advocates for Women in the areas of personal growth and development. She is a woman given to prayer and consecration and she is a committed intercessor. A strong gift of discernment is what enhances her ability to uncover and bring clarity to many complex situations.

As a graduate of California State University, Los Angeles, Jacques earned a bachelor’s degree in finance, and currently she works in the health care arena with UCLA Health Systems as an Instructional Designer. Additionally, she is a certified behavioral analyst, conflict and mediation specialist, corporate image consultant, and professional development consultant.

Jacques is a leader amongst leaders, with an exceptional gift of administration. She is the founder of Women Inspired Through Networking Elements Sister to Sister (W.I.T.N.E.S.S.) Book Club, a unique Christian literary ministry that was launched in 1995. For twenty years she led the women of W.I.T.N.E.S.S. Book Club on a journey to live victoriously, mind, body and spirit; and live purposeful lives as they embraced and activated practical Biblical truths. {Read More}

jacques_web1Today’s published author also comes from my Corporate Training world. She’s also a book club founder, Licensed Evangelist, Motivational Speaker, Corporate Image Consultant, and Personal Development Consultant. Her book equips women with the tools necessary to live a life of purpose.
Check out this fun and inspiring interview with Jacques McNeil as she shares her book, her story, her experience, and advice with finishing a book!

Life Happens: 30 Strategies for Triumphant Living
Jacques Varnadore – McNeil
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